High Ability Services

  • K-5: Differentiation within the classroom

    Students are identified for High Ability Math, High Ability Language Arts, or High Ability General Intellectual (both). The needs of high ability children are met in the same way that the needs of all students on the learning spectrum are met – through differentiating instruction within the classroom.

    Most identified elementary high ability students are cluster-grouped in one or two classrooms in each grade level at each of the elementary schools. They receive accelerated and enriched on grade level curriculum and instruction in math and/or language arts. 

    Grades 6-8: Accelerated and differentiated curriculum designed for students with high ability

    The options for students at the middle school are designed to offer many pathways to develop and extend a child’s unique talents and interests as well as providing rigorous academic preparation for high school.

    Advanced and accelerated classes offered at the 6th-8th grade levels include English/language arts and math. Algebra is offered in 8th grade for high ability students.

    High School: Honors, AP, ACP, Dual Credit

    At Wawasee High School we provide a rigorous academic curriculum designed to prepare students for advanced course work at the secondary and postsecondary level.

    A variety of honors, advanced placement (AP), ACP, and dual credit courses are designed to challenge our high ability students. College credit from selected colleges and universities may be granted for test scores at or above a 3 and at the college admission office’s discretion. All students enrolled in advanced placement courses are expected to complete the AP test in May.

    High ability high school students with questions about appropriate options and prerequisites for placement should consult their school counselor. Many of our high ability students graduate with college credit in at least one or more subjects!

    Math Pathways & Placement

    • This outlines the varied options for students to transition from 6th – 12th grades with their math education and credits.
    • Decisions about placement and movement on these pathways are made on an individual basis and are dependent on a number of criteria, including student performance and teacher recommendation.
    • The goal of this process is to align our practice with the goals and objectives of the Wawasee High Ability Mission, thereby creating consistency district-wide with our math curriculum.


  • Roles & Responsibilities