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Always a Warrior

Wawasee Community School District boasts a rich history rooted in the unification of three tight-knit communities: Milford, North Webster, and Syracuse. Established with the vision of fostering educational excellence and community spirit, Wawasee Schools has grown into a beacon of learning and pride. Our legacy as Warriors is characterized by resilience, unity, and a commitment to nurturing the potential of every student. Over the years, our schools have not only provided a strong academic foundation but also cultivated a sense of belonging and pride. This enduring Warrior spirit drives us forward, honoring our past while embracing the future with determination and unity.

The Wawasee Community School Corporation was organized, according to the Kosciusko County Reorganization Plan, as Lakeland Community School Corporation, per the provisions of the School Reorganization Act of 1959, as amended by the Acts of 1961 and voted upon and approved by the people of the Corporation at the primary election in 1962. A resolution of the Board of School Trustees of the then Lakeland Community School Corporation effective July 1, 1985, changed the name of the Corporation to the Wawasee Community School Corporation. 

Currently the home to five schools; North Webster Elementary, Syracuse Elementary, Milford Elementary, Wawasee Middle School and Wawasee High School. Our standards and Warrior traditions run strong.