Meal Prices

    • Elementary Breakfast: $1.50
    • Elementary Lunch: $2.85
    • Middle & High School Breakfast: $1.75
    • Middle School Lunch: $2.90
    • High School Lunch: $2.95
    • Adult Breakfast: $2.60
    • Adult Lunch: $4.80

Free and Reduced Application

Wawasee Food Services

  • Our mission is to provide healthy meals so all students can do their best.

    • School Meals

    All school meals meet federal nutrition standards set by the USDA.

    • À la carte

    All à la carte foods must meet Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards.

    • Access to Drinking Water

    Drinking water is available to students at no cost during breakfast and lunch periods in the cafeteria.

    • Vending Machines

    Food and drinks sold to students in vending machines must meet Smart Snacks by school nutrition standards.

    • In-School Fundraisers

    All foods sold as fundraisers during the school day must meet Smart Snacks by school nutrition standards.

    • Class Awards, Events & Celebrations

    Schools and parents work together to ensure that celebrations, events, and rewards support health.