Our Vision, Our Mission and Our Beliefs



    Our students are confident, well-rounded citizens who positively

    impact their communities.


    Wawasee schools partner with students, families, and communities to meet

    the needs of all students and empower them to reach their highest



    We are a learning organization.

    We strive to grow and learn.  We will continue to develop and improve to

    become the best version of ourselves.

    We believe in providing proper supports so all students are

    empowered to reach high expectations.

    We are student centered.  We know students learn at different paces and

    need a variety of support.

    We believe knowing each student as an individual is an important

    part of their success.

    We understand that every moment matters.  We are a positive force in

    students' lives.  We seek to know our students and meet their needs to create

    a welcoming learning environment.

    We believe in a positive, collaborative environment where

    individuals are treated with respect.

    We are trustworthy and reliable.  We have a passion for teaching and learning.

    We take a professional approach with a servant's heart.


Our Communities

  • Kosciusko County
  • Town of Syracuse
  • Town of North Webster
  • Town of Milford