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Mrs. Emily Worrell -

Director of Communications and Marketing

Communications and Marketing is designed to serve as the connecting piece between the school district, local community, families, staff, and students, enabling a seamless exchange of accurate and essential information in a timely manner. In times of crisis or controversy, Communications is pivotal in ensuring strategic guidance as well as clear and calm communication that is designed and effectively disseminated for its appropriate audience.

Taking a proactive approach, Communications and Marketing champions the art of storytelling to connect deeply with students, parents, staff, and the wider community, reinforcing our rich traditions and the district’s updated vision, mission, and values into every interaction. Their role extends beyond mere sharing of information; they actively listen, gathering insights, and strategically position WCSC to proactively engaging with the community to share the stories that define us. By spotlighting our educational triumphs and opportunities, they not only elevate awareness but also kindle a sense of pride and belonging among all members of our community.

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